May 10, 2006

A film critic who can use “Capraesque”
In a sentence, but cannot for shame define it
Their religion feels the weight of His message
And cannot face acquaintances
With His criticism hanging over their heads

Optimist, 90 minutes fast paced and end with a kiss
Devalue the narrow
Because your fat ideology won’t fit in.
Watch yourself before you use that word again.

“Capraesque” refers to the films of Frank Capra: light but preachy, colorful characters and a happy ending. I draw this in parallel to the hypocrisy of the pharisees; or by extension, a religious attitude that is (you guessed it) overly preachy but light on real responsibility (somehow the greedy escape unscathed), tries to make life into a hometown / mom-and-apple-pie / best-of-all-worlds, and always has a whitewashed hollywood ending. Jesus criticizes their mode of life and they can’t just let it lie … it threatens them. “Devalue the narrow because your fat ideology won’t fit in.” Haha. I think that stands on its own. I couldn’t explain it any better than it already is.

I guess the “cannot define it” / “watch yourself before you use that word again” refers to a misconception as to what true religion is. The pharisees had a clear idea of what they thought religion was supposed to be, but Christ turned it on its head. Watch out for overconfidence.


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