Spider Valve

September 21, 2007

Line 6 … I think anyone who plays guitar nowadays has a love/hate relationship with their modeling technology. Convenient … definitely. Customizable … without a doubt. But, you always feel like something is missing from your tone. For recording demos, you can get away with it, but I always feel like I cut corners by using the Toneport instead of recording my amp. Well … that may be coming to an end … Line 6 is going to release, maybe a month from now, an all-tube head. Yeah. Both pre and power amps are tube. It still uses a lot of modeling, I’m sure, but if it works … it could mean a new era. Like, a real new era, not the fake one they’ve been talking about for years. It almost feels like Christmas, with the anticipation of whether or not this amp will be good. I will make sure and let you know.

Spider Valve


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