The Treo needs only slight improvments.

September 27, 2007

Though I am definitely not an early adopter, I have some experience with PDAs. I have owned and used the Palm V, Handspring Visor, Palm m125, Palm m500, Zire 21, Treo 90, Treo 180, Treo 270, Treo 600, and Treo 650. I have also had three Blackberries and two Pocket PCs. The Treo 650 is a great phone … I don’t currently have a data plan, but I used to, so I have used it for:

  • SMS / MMS
  • Phone
  • Reading books (every day)
  • Bible programs (the best are on Palm, which is why I will probably never go back to BB or Pocket PC)
  • Games (rarely)
  • PIM functions
  • Google Maps (pretty cool)
  • GMail (ok, but not great)
  • GPS
  • Internet browsing
  • Jabber chat
  • Listening to mp3’s
  • Watching videos
  • Other internet stuff (weather, etc.)

I think the Treo is great … and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That being said, there are a few things which should be changed.
For one thing, it’s too big. Also, it should never crash. My Blackberries never crashed, neither should my Palm. Apps like a really good media player and real IM should be standard, and background mode should work without hacking the OS. Bluetooth and networking should be faster and more reliable (I’m always having connection problems). It needs to look better, in general (UI).

Now, I know I’m a little behind the times here … there is the possibility that these things have been fixed in the 700, 750, 680, etc. The Centro certainly looks to have fixed the size issue.

But I have one suggestion that people are going to think is crazy. And that is, PQA’s were the right idea. Poorly implemented and maintained, perhaps, and certainly not a substitute for a browser, but no matter how good Blazer gets, viewing full-size sites on your phone is never going to be convenient. I use a program called HourlyXCast for weather. This is a billion times easier than trying to log onto a weather site with Blazer. Make it easy to make PQA’s, have a Wikipedia-like site where normal people can store them and administer them, and the Treo will become about a million times more useful.




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