Lake of Fire

October 8, 2007

I just read this editorial on Cinematical, and I’ve got to say, they’re right on the money. This film is wasting a promotional jackpot, and yet, the religious will probably find it too graphic, and the pro-choice too realistic for comfort.

I’ve got to say, though, I usually don’t approve of extremism, or demonizing abortion supporters, but abortion is really bad. I understand the whys behind the pro-choice position, but bad motivation on the part of the pro-life side (even if true) just doesn’t excuse burying your head in the sand when confronted with the fact that this is a real live baby that is being killed. I’ve thought about this a lot lately with reference to the “Unholy Alliance” (church support for Hitler during WWII), and wondered, am I really doing enough? Or, on the issue of abortion, would I be like those in the church who stood idly by and tried to pretend the Holocaust was not happening?

I don’t advocate violence or terrorism, and I certainly don’t approve of people who would bomb abortion clinics, but I wonder if I’m really doing enough? When confronted with abortion, I always feel kind of like “well, there’s nothing I can do anyway.” As I feel about so many problems in the world.

So here’s the question: was the German church’s complicity with Hitler (and by extension, tacit approval of the Holocaust) mere apathy, or something more sinister? What kind of responsibility do we as Christians have to oppose truly wrong ideas such as these?


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