Tricking out the Treo Launcher

October 11, 2007

Gadget envy. It affects us all. Recently, with all this “iPhone” jazz, I had been thinking … the launcher on my Treo looks pretty lame. I have apps displayed in there that I never use, and the icons all look like 1998 jumping up for one last scare. The Treo has a high resolution screen, I reason, so why can’t it look good? I know a lot of people use ZLauncher, MegaLauncher, etc. but I didn’t want something with a lot of features, just one that looked good and showed only the apps I wanted. I tried iPhony, but it wasn’t really what I wanted. So here’s the solution I came up with:

Using TreoLauncher, I was able to select only certain apps, to hide their name, to use a background, and to replace the icons with custom images. So, I ended up with something like this:

Treo Launcher Screen

From L-R: Calc, Card Export, FileZ, LJP, Marbles2, Media, MyBible, Plucker, RealPlayer, SolFree, TealDoc, and World Clock. It looks pretty cool, if I say so myself.


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