Was Augustine Reformed?

November 7, 2007

His idea of predestination rests on the assertion that God has foreseen, from time immemorial, all the choices every person who would ever live on Earth would make, and whether they would cooperate with grace or not. The number of the people God knows would be saved are the elect, the number who God knows will not be saved are the reprobate. God has chosen the elect certainly and gratuitously, without any previous merit (ante merita) on their part.” (Wikipedia article on St. Augustine)

Wikipedia is always a little suspect, of course. But this summation of Augustine’s thought sounds really … synergistic. In particular … “whether they would cooperate with grace or not”. So, do you think you know Augustine better than Wikipedia does? Chime in with your opinion … was Augustine falsely co-opted by a movement that he would have disagreed with, or is this a misrepresentation of his thought?


4 Responses to “Was Augustine Reformed?”

  1. Ben Says:

    Here’s a quote from Augustine’s “On Grace and Free Will”


    “Now He has revealed to us, through His Holy Scriptures, that there is in a man a free choice of will. But how He has revealed this I do not recount in human language, but in divine. There is, to begin with, the fact that God’s precepts themselves would be of no use to a man unless he had free choice of will, so that by performing them he might obtain the promised rewards.”

  2. Ben Says:

    That seems like it might be a summary of the chapter rather than a direct quote. I think New Advent is a Catholic site.

  3. Ben Says:

    No bites, huh?

  4. bonniekate Says:

    Welp. I got nothing.

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