Reading some stuff on EP

November 21, 2007

“Berkeley’s position is no more derived from reason than Hume’s. Hume also has sensations or impressions as mental phenomena. Just because Berkeley thinks that what the senses produce in us are mental entities doesn’t make him a rationalist, just an idealism. And his scheme is panpsychical if by that we mean that everything that exists is mental, but not if we mean that everything is conscious as say David Chalmers thinks.”

After reading far out of my depth in that article, I think I can wholeheartedly agree that … “everything that exists is mental.” REALLY mental.


Stuff like this is just a helpful reminder to me that I am a confirmed amateur when it comes to philosophy, a good thing for me to remember.


2 Responses to “Reading some stuff on EP”

  1. Lee Says:

    You and me, both 🙂

  2. drewsive Says:


    I’m glad to see that you’re reading through the archives! I didn’t say it’d be easy, though.

    Again, if you begin to grasp the Augustinian problem of absolute divine simplicity (and with it, ‘dialectic as opposition’) and its implications in theology, you’ll be well on your way to understanding Orthodox theology.

    A helpful introductory piece can be found here:


    Drew Harrah

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