Calvinism is a dangerous heresy

March 19, 2008

So I was thinking, and I realized I kind of have three basic components to my personality.

1) Common sense. This is the part of me that shops at craigslist instead of target, and is always looking out for pitfalls, deals, security and wise decisions for now and the future. This part of me also tends to be a little materialistic.

2) Ramblin’ man. This is the part that spends hours on google maps looking for places I haven’t heard of and no one I know is interested in, and makes plans to go there and see what it’s like. This part of me would prefer (if the money was available) to constantly be looking around for new things and exploring and to be outside of society and etc. This part can tend to be introspective to the point of being self-absorbed.

3) Martyr / heretic. This is the part that wanted to be a missionary, and also the part that is always saying dumb stuff to get a reaction. This part of me is willing to give all for an ideal, is driven by a search for meaning, and unfortunately cannot operate in the real world of compromise and realism. This part loses energy and flops when it can’t do the impossible.

There’s some overlap of course. So I started wondering about God — his multiple unified attributes, sometimes people call it “multiple wills”, and although I don’t believe in that so much, I kind of wondered if maybe that was how He felt sometimes. Although I don’t imagine that God feels like the different desires / wills are tearing Him apart … or maybe he does?


4 Responses to “Calvinism is a dangerous heresy”

  1. nsonzi Says:

    This is good stuff… I’d love to see a continuance of this subject matter.

  2. Ben Says:

    Which one … the fake subject of the title or the actual subject I talked about? 🙂

  3. drewsive Says:

    ‘So I started wondering about God — his multiple unified attributes,’

    See! You ARE thoroughly Augustinian! This notion of God having ‘multiple unified attributes’ is DIRECTLY a result of absolute divine simplicity. 😉

  4. Ben Says:


    I don’t think I was necessarily confessing allegiance to the idea, just pondering it; as I stated, I don’t tend to believe in the concept, but run into it here and there and was pondering.

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