R.I.P. — Beyond Jazz, XM 72

December 5, 2008

The XM / Sirius merger is at last leading to some real consequences. A couple weeks ago they had a big channel changeup — many XM stations got replaced or merged with Sirius ones and vice versa. For the most part these changes seem to have been positive. But today I realized that one of my favorite stations is gone! Beyond Jazz played all kinds of fusion and the harder edge of contemporary jazz. It was educational, entertaining, and awesome. And they dropped it. Now the only alternative is the previously available “Watercolors”, a *shudder* smooth jazz station. This is coming just as I am getting more and more into fusion, also! 

More on that. I went, maybe a month ago, to “Bass Player Live” in Hollywood. This is basically a trade show for bass guitar. In addition to scoring some free stuff and dinking around on every company’s nicest gear, I got to sit in on a number of AMAZING “jam sessions” by sponsored artists for the different companies. So since then I have been trying here and there to pick up more technical fusion type stuff (that’s mostly what the folks were playing), some from artists who were there and a few others etc. And now, I discover that my one source of fusion on XM is gone! I don’t feel quite as angry as I might if they cut the Radio Classics channel, but I am most definitely “put out”.


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